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Unigraphics is a leading CAD/CAE/CAM software product developed and marketed by UGS (formally Unigraphics Solutions, Inc.) UGS is headquartered in Cypress, CA, but there are many development sites around the world where Unigraphics, along with other products marketed byUGS, are developed. Note that the primary Unigraphics development site is also located in Cypress. Many of the largest companies in the world use Unigraphics to design and manufacture products that vary everywhere from printing presses to locomotives, from Lego bricks to the International Space Station, from cars and trucks to fighter planes, from cameras and razors to steam turbines and everything in between.

A full spectrum design modeling, analysis, simulation and manufacturing CAD/CAE/CAM software from Unigraphics Solutions • One of the older and well-established CAD/CAE/ CAM system. • A software of choice for a wide variety of applications, especially in automotive and aerospace product development.