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Major and Minor Project Training

The Major/Minor Project work segment is exclusively planned to help students to work and implement new ideas. The segment can help you to learn correct strategy used by software companies in projects. For example

  • How to gather/collect requirement – Problem Identification
  • How to analyze requirement
  • Finding the feasible solution of problem
  • Study of tools needed to solve problems
  • What to model and how to model?
  • Learn Prototyping, Use-Case, Test-Case
  • Now how to dive into Finally Development(coding phase)
  • How to test a project?
  • Packaging and Distribution of software
  • How to implementation project in production environment(deployment)

  • Benefits of this course

  • We can help you to implement your innovative idea
  • Adopting standard procedure of software development
  • Hands on experience, you have to develop your project under supervision of our expert developers.
  • Learn best practices of analysis, planning, coding and optimization
  • Learn database best practices
  • Learn UI best practices including UX(User Experience)
  • You will get chance to work with professional developers
  • On time project completion
  • We help you for interview and preparation
  • We also recruit students for our development-division