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Auto CAD is a commercial Software Application For 2D & 3D Compute-Aidede Design ( CAD) and drafting - available since 1982 as a Desktop application and since 2010 as a Mobile Web and Cloud-based App marketed as Auto CAD 360.

AutoCAD is a Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) program which is being used to create all kinds of engineering drawings. This course provides the trainees with the knowledge and practice on the AutoCAD commands and computer-aided- drafting concepts to draw, design, and draft a engineering drawing. Emphasis is placed on efficient and accurate drawing techniques, incorporating the features, commands, and techniques for creating, editing, and printing 2D production drawings. CRISP centre Ethopia offers a well designed training program for engineers, architects, draftsmen, designers, advertisers or anyone interested in acquiring skills in AutoCAD .

Course Syllabus

AutoCAD Basic
  • Introducing to CAD and AutoCAD application
  • User interface setting and preferences with AutoCAD, Coordinate System
  • Creating Basic Geometry, using draw and modify command
  • Working with Poly-lines, editing Poly-lines
  • Edit Geometry, using modify command
  • Arrays of Objects- rectangular, polar array
  • Adding/ Editing dimension and text to drawings
  • Basic working and information of layers
  • Drawing inquiry- area, measurement, ID point and distance
AutoCAD Advanced
  • Working in 3D space, Wireframe models, surfaces, setting elevation and thickness Specifying 3D coordinates, defining a UCS in 3D space and viewing objects in 3D space Solid Primitives, extrude, revolve, solid edit, section, constructing a composite solid Creating shaded images and rendering 3D objects
  • Material and material selection, mass property calculations ´éč Creating PDF/ BMP/ TGA/ TIFF file
  • Customizing of command and toolbar
  • Introduction to Auto Lisp programming